27 Things I Want Every Woman To Know

October 6, 2017

You know in the Matrix, where Morpheus and Neo are sat on big chairs in that dingy green room with the peeling wallpaper? Morpheus puts out his hand, spreads his fingers and says “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You…

This Wasn’t The First Time We Met

August 7, 2017

This wasn’t the first time we met, but the first I can remember. We sat in her pastel print kitchen, inhaling the chocolate fudge cake her mum sets down on the light wooden table. Sunlight bores through the windows, bouncing off…

September 6th: A Short(er) Story

December 8, 2016

We’d sat in the cold white student house for hours, and when no-one turned up, thought ‘Fuck it’. I was designated driver, as always, so had that weird fake-but-real buzz you get when you’re around drunk people despite not having had…