Reykjavik Travel Diary Part 2 – Eating & Drinking

January 26, 2017 3 min read

Reykjavik Travel Diary Part 2 – Eating & Drinking

January 26, 2017 3 min read

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Welcome to Part 2 of my Reykjavik Travel Diary series from my recent 3 day trip to Iceland! Today, it’s all about the good stuff – eating and drinking! I list the top places we ate at during our trip, hopefully helping you if you’re looking for Reykjavik restaurant recommendations too!

Iceland has a burgeoning food scene – although their national dish is fermented shark, will give that a miss thanks – and so I was looking forward to seeing what tasty treats we could find on our trip.

There were 3 main places we visited to eat and drink that I’d recommend:

Svarta Kaffid

This was literally our first stop after getting off our bus from airport – Hayley had looked it up and was keen to visit, so we traipsed through the snow to find it on our first night in Reykjavik, before we walked on to find our hotel.

Svarta Kaffid is fairly well known, I think, amongst those that travel to Reykjavik, for it’s simple concept – comforting, warm soup, served inside a crusty brown bread bowl. I love a good soup, so was well up for it. They offer two soups per day and the menu changes daily, but I reckon there’s normally one veggie and one meaty.

We got potato and leek and I have to say, after a long journey and freezing cold walk, it was delicious. The bread is also incredible, and there’s something satisfying about tearing up your bowl as you eat to soak up the last of the soup.

Very cosy, great friendly service and a good stop for veggies, although the cost made us feel robbed – more on that later. It was around 7,000 ISK I think, for two soups and 4 drinks (3 of which were alcoholic).

Also, this was probs one of the most liked photos from my trip that I shared on Instagram, so clearly soup is a winner.

svarta kaffid reykjavik


To say we were happy when we realised that a healthy, warm, and fairly cheap (for Iceland) restaurant was located 2 doors down from our hotel would be a massive understatement. There was a few days where we needed to stay close to be picked up for tours, and knowing there was somewhere nearby was a godsend.

Ginger is somewhere that focuses on healthy, almost ‘clean eating’ food – though I’m not keen on that term. Chicken burgers, wraps and salads, complete with sweet potato and avocado on just about every meal made it something that was quick and wholesome. My only complaint? No veggie options. Yep, I did it, I ate chicken. And I got the veggie guilt after too. But I have to say, it was tasty, and it’s good to find some nutritious food to keep you fuelled for trekking through the snow.

No pictures from here, because didn’t we already establish? I’m a terrible blogger! But for a chicken burger/sandwich and a bottle of Pepsi to share it was around 3,000 ISK.

primo pizza restaurant reykjavik


When our first Northern Lights tour was cancelled, we took the opportunity to explore Reykjavik city centre a little more, and head down there for some drinks and an evening meal.

Wary of the cost of eating in the city, we wanted somewhere with good veggie options that wasn’t too pricey. After a lot of scrolling through Trip Advisor and a bit of wandering around, we settled on Primo.

Pizza, pasta – not exactly traditional Icelandic cuisine, but sometimes the safe choice of pizza is just what a gal needs, y’know?

This was actually a really lovely restaurant, central, near bus stops, candlelit and a great choice of pizzas. I went for the aubergine option (shown in the picture above) and it was HEAVENLY. Two pizzas and two alcoholic drinks came to around 8,000 ISK, which wasn’t actually too bad. Would recommend!

So there you go, 3 restaurant recommendations for your next trip to Reykjavik!

Have you been to Reykjavik? Tell us your favourite food spot in the comments!

Soph xx


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