‘Fat People Too’ – Spoken Word Poetry Video

July 12, 2017 3 min read

‘Fat People Too’ – Spoken Word Poetry Video

July 12, 2017 3 min read

Here it is folks, my first spoken word video – ‘Fat People Too’ is a poem expressing my feelings about being plus size, life on the bigger side and lack of representation of overweight people when it comes to eating disorders.

This is just about my experience. I hope you like it.

Here’s the poem written in full:

I’m fat.

There, I said it.

Not that the world ever lets me forget it.

Don’t think I didn’t see that sideways glance

When you’re big everyone notices if there’s food in your hand.

‘What have you been feeding her?’ said the family friend

How offensive, and damaging, and downright ignorant

My legs were taller

My shoulders broader

My breasts big enough to attract stares and nicknames

Those things weren’t my fault, it’s just how I’m made

Everyone loves to remark on a pair of big knockers

But the belly that comes with it – they’re not so keen

Calories should be consumed but not seen.

Double standards are rife

You’re damned if you don’t eat

You’re damned if you do

You’re damned if you’re unable to show some restraint

You’re damned if you purge, bring it back up again

You’re damned if you order just a salad at lunch, that’s no fun

But you’re damned if you’re unable to stop at just one

We love those who are thin

Raise them up, shine a light

We even love to hear the stories of their fight

Against eating disorders

Against starvation and restriction

But someone tipping the scales in the other direction

Fuck off

Do one

You’re not even trying

You pig

See no one really cares if you’re big

The story becomes less poetic

If the symptoms we see look more like rolls than bones

Someone fading away into frailty and dust

Is a more romantic ideal than someone who just

Gets bigger and bigger until they’re unable to move

The underlying issues they have to fight just to prove

Depression? Anxiety? Sexual assault?

We can give you a tablet for that

Good news! Then you won’t have to be fat!

Any more

Like that’s really what’s wrong.

I’m not taking away from those who restrict

I want them to get the support they so desperately need

But where’s the Netflix dramas about people like me?

People who consume calories like crack

People who were never taught how to handle feeling sad

Or angry

Or down

Or anything at all

People who’ve been made all their life to feel small

Unattractive, invisible, not there at all

People who try to recover from trauma

By using what’s on their fork to make a flesh covered barrier

You want to know what’s really killing the NHS?

It’s our sheer lack of awareness around mental health

The problem with fat people is not really what they eat

It’s bias from society, from the media, from people they meet

From plus size brands, as if that term isn’t demeaning enough

Who think people my size want to only wear stuff

To hide ourselves, rather than take up space

Shrink inwards, stay down, keep quiet and shy

But who is anyone else to deny

Me from taking up all the space I like.

What inspired this poem?

Anger and rage

At diet mentality, thin privilege, fat shame

We’re breeding a generation obsessed with food

Dichotimised into bad or good

Dirty or clean

Real or fake

Maybe we should all just take

A step back

Think twice

Before we judge how someone lives their life

Everyone’s got their shit

Fat people too.

Being fat doesn’t make them worth any less than you.


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