Low Light Photography: A First Attempt

I got my hair done a few weeks ago, and had it dyed a little darker.

So, naturally, I wanted to try and take a self portrait to celebrate.

Is it just me or does dying your hair darker make purple lipstick just feel so much more appealing?

sophie butcher

 sophie butcher

I got the camera out around 4pm which, in February, means there wasn’t much light left. I started off taking photos facing the window front on as I thought that was best to get the most light, but wasn’t keen on the shots I was getting.

Remembering a tip I’d seen on Lauren Aston’s Instagram (@laurenastondesigns), I thought I’d try taking them from the side instead.

A new challenge – it was too dark for the camera to focus on me, and so I had to turn on my lamp to let it focus, set off the self timer and then turn the lamp off before it took the photo!

sophie butcher

sophie butcher

The result was some pictures I like a lot more. I know they’re super dark but with my newly darker hair and gothy lips I was kinda feeling it.

I have a lot to learn still about adjusting my settings to take better low light pictures. I thought I’d be able to lift them in editing but couldn’t do much without really losing a lot of quality. The absolute pro that is Kaye Ford from Fordtography shares some great tips around this on Twitter with her hashtag #KayesPortraitTips, and mentions about adjusting the camera’s ISO and F stop.

All in good time!

sophie butcher




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