My Favourite Badass Bloggers

July 15, 2017 4 min read

My Favourite Badass Bloggers

July 15, 2017 4 min read

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I have been following the world of blogging religiously for around 7 years now. It’s been a lifeline for me; a creative outlet for me to share my story in the darkest of times, an endless source of inspiration, and reading/following some of my favourite bloggers gives me immense joy as well as the drive to create content that is even half as incredible as theirs.

If you’re looking for some new faces to follow, imagery to devour or words to consume, here’s some of my very favourites in blogging that I reckon you’ll like too – if you don’t love them already!

laura jane williams

Image from here.

Laura Jane Williams from Superlatively Rude

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; this woman is my absolute writing inspiration.

The author of two incredible books – the emotional and uplifting memoir ‘Becoming‘ and the delightfully life-enhancing ‘Ice Cream for Breakfast‘ – Laura Jane Williams is a writer who has featured in Grazia and Marie Claire as well as chronicling her journey through creative pieces and updates on her blog Superlatively Rude.

I attended her writing workshop back in November 2016 and it blew my mind. Not only is Laura extremely kind and open and hilariously charismatic, but she is truly a master of her craft.

megan ellaby

Image from here

Megan Ellaby from Pages by Megan

Based in Manchester (just like me!) I only became aware of Megan just last year, but she has quickly grown into one of my favourite bloggers and my ultimate fashion inspirations.

Not only is the imagery she shares on her social channels and blog absolutely stunning (the beauty editorial from above floored me, I can’t stop thinking about it!), but she has an incredibly unique sense of personal style that she completely owns, and she’s one of the only people on Youtube whose hauls I actually watch. Her lookbooks could be straight from the top high street fashion brands, and it’s a joy to see her love of Manchester and all it’s nooks and crannies in her content.

She’s worked with brands like Boutique Goldsmiths, New Look, GAP and more, and is currently also an ambassador for Ray Bans. Plus I once saw her in the Trafford Centre and nearly broke my boyfriend’s arm in excitement – so there you go, I’m a true fangirl.

hannah gale

Image from here

Hannah F Gale from 

Hannah is another recent addition to my social feeds, but is a shining light of positivity that always makes me smile when I see a post from her on Twitter, or an outfit on Instagram.

She has a fab sense of style and very much promotes wearing what makes you feel good, and not necessarily what makes you look thin, which I think is such a great attitude towards fashion.

As well as beautifully composed fashion imagery, she shares fantastic in-depth posts about blogging and more personal issues that really make her feel like a friend as you’re reading. Her writing style is refreshing and engaging, honest and so so funny, which means I keep coming back to her site again and again. Plus she just announced she is pregnant which is so exciting!

Hannah has worked with brands like Topshop and Primark.

ropes of holland

Image from here

Lindsey Holland from Ropes of Holland

I cannot get enough of Lindsey’s style.

Working as a physiotherapist as well as a fast rising blogger, Lindsey shares posts on beauty, lifestyle and travel as well as her incredible take on androgynous-meets-feminine style. She looks like a model straight off the pages of Vogue, and I love that she’s a Northerner too!

Lindsey has worked with amazing brands including La Redoute and Paul Smith, and her taste is impeccable with everything from clothes to homeware.

emma gannon

Image from here

Emma Gannon

I can’t express how much love I have for Emma as a writer, blogger and all round creative. Formerly known as ‘Girl Lost In City’, Emma released her debut book ‘Ctrl Alt Delete: How I Grew Up Online‘ last year and also hosts an extremely successful podcast of the same name, where she talks to great creative minds about work, life and how the internet fits into those too.

Emma’s podcast is utterly fantastic and never ceases to inspire me to make stuff happen, and seeing her get involved with things like lecturing, debates and public speaking makes her an embodiment of my #careergoals.

I love reading her thoughts on the millennial generation and how the internet influences us, and can’t wait to see what she does next.

These are just 5 of the bloggers and creatives who I love to follow and keep up with every day, but there’s so many more whose content I love too.

Who are your favourite badass bloggers?

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