I Am More Than Food: My New Mantra

February 1, 2017 2 min read

I Am More Than Food: My New Mantra

February 1, 2017 2 min read

i am more than food

I am more than food.

I am more than what’s left on my plate, or the wrappers hidden in my drawer, or the overwhelming urge to eat that consumes me at every turn.

I am more than my calorie intake, or my blood sugar levels, or my waist measurement.

I am more than a body, than a bloated belly, than legs spotted with cellulite and skin decorated with stretchmarks.

I am more than a cup size, a fit of jean or an undone button.

I am more than sugar, than aisles lined with temptation, than the living hell I go through each time I brave the outside world.

I am more than my binge eating disorder.

I am more than my depression, my desire to hide from life, to stay under the protection of a duvet and cry and sleep until the day ends.

I am more than my clean eating choices, than dessert at a restaurant, than that extra ladle of pasta.

I am more than what people perceive of me, than how desirable I am to others.

I am more than food cravings. I am more than what I eat.

So what am I?

I am a writer that is brave enough to share her story and her shame with the world, in a true and honest effort to help others be brave too.

I am an intelligent, ambitious woman that wants the most out of life, who wants to live up to her potential so badly she sometimes overstretches herself in doing so.

I am a good friend, I think, and a good listener. I will do anything I can to support the people I love.

I am a lucky and loved girlfriend, who is grateful every day for the beautiful boyfriend who shares my home.

I am a woman, who faces the struggles of every woman and some of her own, but who knows what she must do to overcome them.

I am a runner, a netball player, a film lover, a feminist.

I am Sophie, and the sum of my meaning in this world is made up of so much more than the food on my fork, or what I see in the mirror.

And do you want to know something? So is yours.

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