The False First Step

  A podcast mic Domain names Social media handles Gym memberships Books, so many books The perfect top/dress/shoes/outfit What do all of the above have in common? They’re all things…

2018: The Year of ‘Action’

Whilst I’ll probably be writing down some specific things I’d like to have ticked off by the end of the year, I want to take a bit of a different…


I'm Sophie Butcher. I'm a writer, blogger, and often overwhelmed creative.

I created this blog to share my experiences with mental health, body image, disordered eating and everything in between.

I hope the stuff you find here makes you feel seen, and a little better about being you. Cause I reckon you're pretty great.

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Reflecting On 2017

2017 was a bit of a weird one, wasn’t it? It absolutely flew by for me, most likely because I spend most of it bouncing around in my own head…

Thoughts on Self Care

As I look at the food wrappers and Dr Pepper cans littered around me, running my tongue over my slightly furry teeth and trying to remember the last time I…

27 Things I Want Every Woman To Know

You know in the Matrix, where Morpheus and Neo are sat on big chairs in that dingy green room with the peeling wallpaper? Morpheus puts out his hand, spreads his…


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#AskTheQuestion Week 2 – Shedding Expectations

Week 2 of Laura Jane Williams’ #AskTheQuestion was a funny one for me, and kind of knocked me out of my flow with writing responses to the questions because I…

Two Resolutions Only

I know, I know – New Year’s resolutions, yawn right? But bear with me. The whole ‘new year, new you’ thing – pass the bucket – is a total chore.…

#AskTheQuestion Week 1 – MILK – Honouring Your Preferences

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen that I have recently joined #AskTheQuestion, an email series ran by author, blogger, columnist and my all round…


Why It’s Okay That You Don’t Own Everything You Want …

I read an article a few weeks ago that has really stuck with me ever since. It was on a site called The Financial Diet, an incredible blog that opens up…

The Pressure of Finding Your Destiny

I’ve never really bought in to the idea of fate, of destiny, of something higher than myself. I’m not sure that I do now, either. But a few years ago,…