My Top Tips for Visiting Reykjavik – Iceland Travel Diary Part 3

Here it is, the third and final part of my Reykjavik Travel Diary! Now, we’ve already covered all the admin stuff, the sightseeing and (perhaps most importantly) the delicious food and drink. So, I thought it would be helpful to make the last post from my trip to Iceland more of a general advice piece, full of the stuff I learnt from visiting Reykjavik and my top tips for you to bear in mind if…

Reykjavik Travel Diary Part 2 – Eating & Drinking

Welcome to Part 2 of my Reykjavik Travel Diary series from my recent 3 day trip to Iceland! Today, it’s all about the good stuff – eating and drinking! I list the top places we ate at during our trip, hopefully helping you if you’re looking for Reykjavik restaurant recommendations too! Iceland has a burgeoning food scene – although their national dish is fermented shark, will give that a miss thanks – and so I was…

Reykjavik Travel Diary Part 1 – Flights, Hotels & Sightseeing

This was a holiday for me like no other. I’m not exactly one for lounging around on beaches, but it seems like with the exception of a cold but crisp November trip to NYC, my excursions have always been to destinations on the warm side, full of sunshine. When my friend suggested we head to Reykjavik because she’d found a good deal, I jumped at the chance. Heading to a land covered in snow and…


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10 Days in NYC: A New York City Travel Diary

New York, New York. So good, they named it twice – and it only takes one trip there to see why. There’s something inexplicably magical in the air, across the skyline, on the streets. As soon as you step into the wall of blaring taxi horns, you feel it. You get it. You know what the city is trying to tell you. You feel at home. I went on a mind blowing 10 day trip…

A Belated Barcelona Travel Diary

When I say belated, I mean belated. I actually went to Barcelona almost a year and a half ago, back in September 2014. It was the first abroad holiday that me and my boyfriend James went on together and so will always have a special little corner in our memories. We were so ridiculously excited when we booked it! We chose Barcelona because we wanted somewhere hot and sunny, that felt like holiday, whilst also…