Thoughts on Self Care

As I look at the food wrappers and Dr Pepper cans littered around me, running my tongue over my slightly furry teeth and trying to remember the last time I got myself a drink, I come to a stark realisation – I am terrible at taking care of myself. These days, I’m trying really fucking hard to do better, to be better, to find happiness. It’s taking me a long time, but at least I’m…

Depression: My Rock Bottom

I’ve been here before – but never quite this bad. The bathroom is getting cloudier with the steam from the shower. My skin is wet and my long hair is clean but dripping, and my fingertips start to wrinkle with that feeling when you’ve been in the water that little bit too long. I’d been washing off the game of netball that night, but somehow the shower morphed into something else entirely. Alone in the flat,…

Not Going Out: How My Mental Health Affects My Social Life

The Facebook invite came through before Christmas. It was from a good friend, a former work colleague who was planning a get together for us and some of her other pals to catch up and connect. I deliberated, as I always do. My initial instinct was to decline, as I always do. But I paused. I know that the time I spend alone, in the house, can be as detrimental to my mental health just…


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