I’ve been spending a lot of time here, in my room at home, because anywhere else feels a bit too scary at the moment. Who’d have thought that throwing your old life into the fire, letting it burn up to create a new one, would have such lasting hurdles? It’s a strange feeling to know that you wouldn’t want to go back, but sometimes wish that you could. I’m done with the pressure and the…

I don’t want to tell you my secrets

I don’t want to tell you my secrets. And I don’t want to know yours. I don’t want to reveal my trauma, my darkness, my sadness. I don’t need to know your fears, your hopes, your lifelong dreams. I don’t want to know your middle name and you don’t need to know mine. I don’t want to meet your friends. I don’t want to book a weekend away. I don’t want to have to fret…

Creative Writing: A Character Called Joe

A piece I wrote as part of my homework for Laura Jane Williams‘ online course, ‘Don’t Be A Writer, Be A Storyteller’ – this week was all about developing characters. Enjoy! ‘See you later mate!’ Chris shouted from across the street. Mud stained and red faced, Joe raised a hand as a goodbye, and then turned to face his front door, fumbling in his backpack for his keys. He pushed into the hallway, scraping his…


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This Wasn’t The First Time We Met

This wasn’t the first time we met, but the first I can remember. We sat in her pastel print kitchen, inhaling the chocolate fudge cake her mum sets down on the light wooden table. Sunlight bores through the windows, bouncing off the white surfaces and floral trinkets. Her home always felt so much more, well, homely than mine. To look at us, it’s our difference that are obvious. Her slight frame compared to my broad,…

September 6th: A Short(er) Story

We’d sat in the cold white student house for hours, and when no-one turned up, thought ‘Fuck it’. I was designated driver, as always, so had that weird fake-but-real buzz you get when you’re around drunk people despite not having had a drop yourself. The middle floor was the worst, all 90s R&B that you’d rather forget, but it was dark and smoky and the flashing lights were heady, and the floor sent vibrations of…