That’s me! I’m standing awkwardly in front of the East Side Gallery in Berlin, because I used to (actually, still do) hate having my picture taken.

I used to (ahem, still do) feel awkward about a lot of things, actually. How I look, the size of my body, what I eat, what I want to do with my life… all that good stuff.

And so I started this blog. Because, well, I felt compelled to.

Compelled to share my story, my experiences, my thoughts – to try and work through them and, hopefully, to help make anyone who has also felt that way feel just a little bit less alone.

Did you ever read The Princess Diaries when you were younger? The one that film was based on where Anne Hathaway had the big hair?

Mia, the main character, was obsessed with ‘self actualisation’ – aka. being the best version of herself possible. I’ve often overwhelmed myself in searching for this too.

But I’m realising something – absolutely no-one in this world truly has their shit together. 

Instead, we’re all just muddling along, trying our best. There’s ups, there’s downs, and all you can do is try to build a life of happiness around them.

So that’s what I’m doing. Working through my issues, facing myself head on, submerging myself in my passions and learning to accept and improve myself, one blog post at a time.

I’d love for you to come on the journey with me. 

So who am I, exactly?

I’m Sophie Butcher (the F is the initial of my middle name, see if you can guess it), a twentysomething queer gal from Middlesbrough. I work as an Operations Manager by day, and play netball/watch Netflix/work on my blogs by night.

Being obsessed with the blogging world ever since my uni days (first class grad of Media Studies, ta very much), nothing makes me happier than crafting some words and hitting Publish.

Some things you ought to know about me:

I’m in recovery from binge eating disorder, and talk about that a lot here. I have also struggled with poor mental health and depression over the years, and like to talk about that too. But I promise to always provide content warnings and tread carefully with how I write so that none of my posts are triggering for you. If you feel I’ve failed at that, please get in touch with me.

This blog reflects my values in that it is an inclusive, body positive and feminist space. If that doesn’t sit right with you, feel free to do one.

I’m passionate about social justice issues and will be using this platform to share my thoughts.

I believe that society, our culture and the patriarchy has a lot more to answer for than we sometimes think. I also believe that a lot of us spend too much time bouncing around our own heads and being way too hard on ourselves. I want to help you do a little less of that.

My favourite film is The Matrix and yes I know the second two are awful, do not @ me. I have had a love of writing about film for as long as I can remember and so you’ll see a fair bit of that around here too.

Want to be friends?

I want that too! I think we’ll get on swimmingly.

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  • Marty Reger July 3, 2018 at 11:23 pm

    I found you through exploring a few articles on minimalism. Love the clear vioce you have in your blogs.
    Glad I found you!

    • Sophie Butcher July 4, 2018 at 1:02 pm

      Thanks so much Marty! 🙂

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    About Me

    About Me

    Hi! I'm Sophie.

    Writer, thinker, often overwhelmed.I like to talk about film, feelings and feminism. Not necessarily in that order.

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