Two Resolutions Only

I know, I know – New Year’s resolutions, yawn right? But bear with me. The whole ‘new year, new you’ thing – pass the bucket – is a total chore.…

September 6th: A Short(er) Story

We’d sat in the cold white student house for hours, and when no-one turned up, thought ‘Fuck it’. I was designated driver, as always, so had that weird fake-but-real buzz…


I'm Sophie Butcher. I'm a writer, blogger, and often overwhelmed creative.

I created this blog to share my experiences with mental health, body image, disordered eating and everything in between.

I hope the stuff you find here makes you feel seen, and a little better about being you. Cause I reckon you're pretty great.

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Why I Chose The 9 to 5 Over Working For Myself

There’s so much talk on the internet about being self-employed, going freelance, joining the flexible working revolution and how if you’re doing so, you’re living the dream. And for some…

Binge Eating Disorder & My Pre-Diabetic Wake Up Call

Yep, things are about to get personal. I’ve always struggled with eating, with my weight, with knowing when to stop. Ever since I was a kid I would find ways…