My Eating Disorder Doesn’t Look The Way You Think It Should

“I think I have binge eating disorder.” The words hung in the air. The trainee doctor looked terrified, left to ask someone more qualified what to do, and came back…

Starting Over

What a difference a month makes. As I sit writing this, a month ago to the day I was spending my last night in a house in Manchester with my…


I'm Sophie Butcher. I'm a writer, blogger, and often overwhelmed creative.

I created this blog to share my experiences with mental health, body image, disordered eating and everything in between.

I hope the stuff you find here makes you feel seen, and a little better about being you. Cause I reckon you're pretty great.

All my best,



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Why I’m Never Trying To Lose Weight Again

If you’re shocked by the title of this blog post, I’d love to know why. Is it because you’re surprised that someone my size (UK 18-22) isn’t desperately trying to…

Thank You, Binge Eating

  (Illustration by @lauravennison of @notplantbased)   **Content Warning: this blog post talks about disordered eating and Binge Eating Disorder. Please give it a miss if you think this might…

The False First Step

  A podcast mic Domain names Social media handles Gym memberships Books, so many books The perfect top/dress/shoes/outfit What do all of the above have in common? They’re all things…


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From My Body To My Self

Thank you for the letter you wrote me. That was over a year ago now. It’s been a while since we really communicated properly. Too long – and for that,…

Coming Off The Contraceptive Pill: 1 Year Later

I only realised recently that it’s been pretty much spot on a year since I stopped taking my contraceptive pill, something I shared on the blog in this post here.…

Don’t Fear The Smear: What To Expect From Your Smear Test

Not only is turning 25 a reminder that you’re officially closer to 30 than any other decade, and that you can no longer say you’re in your ‘early 20s’ –…


Photography: Cherry Blossom

These photos are from the day our new cat, Toast, took her first steps outside into our garden since we brought her home. The weather was just gorgeous; the sun…

Poetry: Drive Through

I recently became friends with the drive through The sweet anonymity of the thing I crave, passed through the small translucent square No need for self consciousness, for hunched shoulders…

Poetry: FULL

***This poem was written in late 2016/early 2017 (I can’t quite remember!) when I was at the peak of my disordered eating. Things have improved since then, but I thought…